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We enable our partners to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by providing them with the tools to measure values-based culture in organizations. They, in turn, use the insights from our values measurement framework to provide focused and effective interventions and change programs for their clients.



Mikael Meir is the top executive, business and leadership coach in Toronto, helping executives develop themselves, empower their teams and inspire their organizations. His expertise combines 15 years of hands-on leadership experience, with an ongoing 9 year study of business ethics, mindfulness practice, and cognitive psychology for behavioral change. He is an instructor of Ethics in Finance at York University’s Schulich School of Business, heads up the Leadership Practice at Strateco, a management consultancy, and is a keynote speaker on transformation, leadership, culture and change.

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Strateco is a new breed of management consulting firm that seamlessly integrates Strategy with Leadership. Strateco’s unique point of differentiation is helping leaders get on top of their game in an integrated way – mentally by building exceptional strategy and behaviorally by coaching them through execution. Grounded in research and refined with personal experience, Strateco has developed an integrated strategy and leadership framework to help organizations create measurable improvements in enterprise value and achieve their highest potential. The result is an organization optimized for performance and growth.

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Lighthouse Nine Group is a leading Toronto-based management consulting firm specializing in Leadership Development, Management Training, Organizational Design, Sales Effectiveness, and Change Management. Each of the Group’s management consultants possesses decades of leadership-level experience across diverse industry sectors and corporate environments. The Group makes use of unique visual mapping exercises, embodying symbolism and abstract imagery, to engender a common sense of direction in an organization, ensuring that team members work together towards a shared goal. Lighthouse 9 is committed to superior client service, thought leadership, the development of powerful programs and delivering on promised results.

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Partner Organizations

  • Management consulting companies
  • Human resources consultants
  • Brand strategy companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • M&A advisors